GK80 Off-Road Kart   $3500

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Melrose GK80


Designed exclusively for young kids aged 9-12, its sporty frame, enclosed side panels, robust steel wheels, and bikini top make the GK80 a dream to look at and drive.

Armed with many of the same features as the larger off-roaders, the GK80 from Melrose Motorsports reaches a top speed of 40 kph, has bucket seats, a canvas top and a horn.

This fun Kart will give any kid an ear to ear smile, and will help develop a true love of the outdoors.

But for something so incredibly fun, the GK80 is also incredibly safe, with arm restraints, seat belts, and a roll cage. This is a clear advantage over quad bikes, and the safety aspect is definitely something Melrose Motorsports prides themselves on.

Another benefit you may not expect from an off road vehicle, is how easy everything is with the GK80. It's easy to use, easy to maintain, and easily transported on a standard 6x4 trailer.

Spare parts are readily available from Melrose Motorsports, and for peace of mind a 90 day warranty for parts is included.

So get your child into the GK80, the Off Road Kart that has so many benefits, and just one down side- finding a Christmas stocking big enough to fit it in!


  • Length
  • 1700 mm
  • Width
  • 1120 mm
  • Height
  • 1300 mm
  • Wheel base
  • 1230 mm
  • Displacement
  • 196 cc
  • Power
  • 6.5 HP
  • Top Speed
  • 40 kph (can be limited)

For kids the Melrose GK80 has adjustable throttle positioning, this reduces the amount that the accelerator can be depressed - reducing its top speed. This is an easy adjustment you can do at home that only requires a spanner.

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