Hand Controls for Off-Road Kart

Melrose Hand Controls Disabled


Designed for disabled persons, hand controls are a must if you are unable to use foot operated throttle and brakes.

The brake bar is fabricated from stainless steel with a cast and stainless bearing rose joint attached to the brake pedal. The brake handle is aluminium as well as the steering boss and the adjustable position steering wheel. A bicycle type brake lever is used for the throttle, this can be rotated to be facing you so users with poor grip can push down for throttle.

Seating modifications can also be done along with frame alterations to allow easier access. The seating and frame modification pictured allow the user to transfer from the passenger side.

Our hand controls can be adapted to suit most users, however we can also build hand controls to your specific specifications.


Stainless steel and aluminium are mainly used. HT bolts can be specified. Steering wheel height and reach can be specified.

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